Who makes the best chocolate? Our Favorites

Photo - Dagoba Best Chocolate AssortmentWhat’s the best chocolate? Whichever one we’re eating!

Okay, so that’s not entirely true. We consider ourselves chocolate snobs… most of the time. We’re not above grabbing a Hershey’s if the need arises, but it certainly isn’t our brand of choice. And we aren’t going to look down our noses at you if you think Hershey makes the best chocolate.

We tend to favor brands that use organic, Fair Trade ingredients, and brands that just plain taste good.

The following companies make some of the best chocolate (click to see our reviews):



Lake Champlain

Green and Black’s



Le Chocolatier (Canada)

Wiseman House Chocolates

The truly snobby chocolate snobs will probably complain that we are missing their favorite brand, but 1) we don’t like snobby chocolate snobs, and 2) we also like these brands because many are readily available natural foods stores. When you live in a small town and good chocolate can be hard to come by, that counts for a lot. Check out our Where to Buy page if you have trouble finding these.

These we will happily eat anytime:




Terra Nostra

Newman’s Own

Equal Exchange

Betsy Ann Chocolates

ChocCreate Chocolates

The jury’s still out on these; we haven’t tried enough to be sure:



Chocolat Weiss

The following we avoid like the plague = NOT the best chocolate!:


In a pinch, we’ll take whatever we can get our hands on, as long as it passes our Chocolate 101 test. Our ratings are determined using the Chocolate 102 test.

We add new reviews often, and you’ll find the best of the best chocolate (and the worst of the worst)!

5 thoughts on “Who makes the best chocolate? Our Favorites”

  1. Why is everyone so negative against Godiva chocolate? Is it just because they are popular – kindof like everyone who says Starbucks Coffee is bad just because they are a big corporation?

    • Nah, it’s because they really make truly crappy chocolate and sell it at ridiculously high prices. If they made crappy chocolate and sold it for cheap, or made incredible chocolate and sold it at premium prices, no one would care…

        • Cadbury Dairy Milk is notably different if purchased in the US vs. the UK (better tasting in the latter, by most accounts). We’re not a fan of the fact that it uses palm oil (which is devastating to orangutan habitat), nor the fact that it uses undisclosed “flavourings.” But it isn’t terrible, as far as chocolate goes, and, unlike Godiva, does not claim to be anything other than what it is–which is to say it’s mass produced chocolate at a mass produced price point.

          Regarding Lake Champlain, it has been quite some time since we last reviewed it, but you can see those reviews here: http://facts-about-chocolate.com/lake-champlain-chocolates-review/

  2. Like everything else, there is an old Latin expression: “De gustibus non disputandum est.” It means: Concerning taste, therenought be no dispute! Is that not true even today?


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