Godiva Chocolates Review

Godiva chocolate = not worth your moneyGodiva chocolate makes me grumpy. They proclaim to use only the “finest ingredients,” but then they use cheap, hydrogenated oils in their truffle filling. And THEN, they charge an arm and a leg for them. My local chocolatier makes truffles TO DIE FOR, that run about $1.25 each. Theirs are $1.75 each! Robbery!

Godiva Chocolates Review

Dark Chocolate Truffle and Milk Chocolate Truffle


How they get away with charging so much for their chocolate is beyond me. Behold some of the ingredients of these truffles: vanillin (fake vanilla!?), butter oil (what’s that?), corn syrup, PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED PALM KERNEL OIL?!

Is it the name? The flashy marketing? How has Godiva chocolate come to prominence in the chocolate industry? Have their ingredients deteriorated over time to accommodate mass production? At any rate, these taste as good as the ingredients could allow – a small step up from your garden variety grocery store chocolate. My fingers were greasy afterwards. Ew. This is a cheap Easter Bunny dressed up in Belgian chocolatier’s clothing.

Our rating: 2 of 5 bon bons

Milk Chocolate with Smooth Caramel Bar


Blah. No better than, say, a Caramello. Worse even. And at $2.25 for a mere 1.5 ounces (43g), I’ll spend my money elsewhere, thank you very much.

Our rating: 1 of 5 bon bons

We had never tried Godiva chocolate before these two selections were given to us as a gift. We were excited, especially since someone else laid out the cash. Alas. Subsequent gifts have been sampled half-heartedly, but we won’t bother reviewing anymore unless their CEO calls us up telling us they’ve changed their ways, and would we like some free chocolate? There’s too much good chocolate out there to bother.

Visit Godiva chocolate online (if you must) at: www.godiva.com

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