K Shocolat Chocolate Reviews

K ShocolatA new chocolate, K Shocolat, caught our eye at Wild Oats Market. Hooray! We’re always on the lookout for things we haven’t tried. So far, so good.

Update June 2015: Sadly, it looks as though our K Shocolat Chocolate Reviews are for nothing… the brand no longer appears to be in business. 🙁

Orange & Cardamom Dark Chocolate (69.8%)


Opening the simple and elegant packaging released a delightfully chocolatey orange aroma. And the taste – oh my. Exquisite. The texture was lusciously smooth, especially given the fact that this is a 70%. Taster A’s only complaint was that bitter was the last flavor in her mouth; Taster B stated, “That’s a serious chocolate for the serious chocolate lover.”

Our rating: 4.75 of 5 bon bons

Honeycomb and Vanilla


Here’s our dilemma: milk chocolate just doesn’t taste very chocolatey to us. How to rate a chocolate that isn’t chocolatey? My first bite did seem pleasingly chocolatey, but by the end it just tasted sweet. There is an interesting malty flavor – is that the honeycomb? The vanilla? Both? Neither? We couldn’t pick out distinct honey or vanilla flavors. The honeycomb added a nice crunch to the creamy texture, but we were confused by this listing in the ingredients: honeycomb pieces (sugar, glucose syrup, sodium bicarbonate).

Our rating: 3 of 5 bon bons

We wish we could find more K Shocolat, but they appear to be out of business.

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