Vivani Chocolate Reviews

We’ve only run across one Vivani chocolate (affiliate link), which was fairly middle of the road, so we’re not sure yet how much we like them. We do like their commitment to using organic and child-labor free chocolate.

Organic Dark Chocolate (72%)


Vivani Chocolate

We’re not sure if it’s because the texture was a bit chalky or if it’s that the flavor just didn’t pop, but this bar is lacking that special “it” quality. Sure, it’s tasty, but by no means decadent. The aftertaste is a bit bitter – the type that gives dark chocolates a bad name. Not sure if they didn’t conch it long enough or if it’s the curious addition of cocoa powder, but this one failed to satisfy.

Note: In looking at their website much later, I can’t find this bar. Did I imagine it? Do they not have a bar with cocoa powder? Did they ever? Unfortunately I no longer have the wrapper. The 72% listed on their website contains no cocoa powder and apparently has won an award. Maybe it was a mistranslation on my part or theirs. At any rate, they probably deserve further testing.

Our rating: 3 of 5 bon bons

You can find many of Vivani’s bars on Amazon (affiliate link).

Visit Vivani Chocolate online (in English or German) at

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