Buzz Bites Chocolate Review

For those of you chocolate lovers who want your caffeine fix without all the trouble of a cup of coffee, Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews are for you.

These chocolate flavored, candy chews come six to a tin and each pack as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Caffeine isn’t something I usually indulge in, but I can see the advantage of having a quick delivery method, and a chocolate flavored one to boot.

Buzz Bites Chocolate Review

Chocolate Energy Chews and Mint Chocolate Energy Chews

Photo - Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews

Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews are similar in texture and size to a Brach’s caramel, and they have a brownie-like flavor. The mint variety layers a strong mint flavor on top of the chocolate flavor.

I think these are a fun little indulgence, but there are two things I didn’t like about Buzz Bites. First, there is a strong chemical taste and aftertaste. Is it the caffeine? I don’t know, but it’s definitely noticeable and less than desirable. Second, there’s the inclusion of partially hydrogenated oil, which I never like.

Despite my misgivings, however, I managed to snarf them, and after awhile I didn’t notice the chemical taste, either. They’re just so… handy. And I needed the caffeine this week! These fit the bill, with no caffeine crash either.

Photo - Mint Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews

For a chocoholic looking for a quick caffeine fix, I think Buzz Bites are a great idea. Plus, Whoopi likes ’em.

Our rating: 3 of 5 bon bons

You can purchase Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Foods directly from the manufacturer: Vroom Foods, or on Amazon.

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