Callebaut Chocolate Reviews

It may seem strange that we review only one Callebaut chocolate here, yet count it among our favorites. In addition to making their own bars, they sell chocolate mass to other manufacturers, such as the tiny Le Chocolatier in Alberta, Canada, and to home bakers and chefs worldwide. Their chocolate is often used as the chocolate coating in things like truffles. And it’s terrific stuff. Truly. It sets the standard for other chocolate makers.

Callebaut Chocolate Reviews

Semi-sweet (51.5%)

Photo - Callebaut Chocolate Blocks2.15.06

This was a hunk of baking chocolate, an uncut diamond in the rough for those who want to sink their teeth deep into a chocolate gem. Luscious, creamy, ultra-chocolatey, with a distinct flavor. It was the tiniest bit bitter, but we’re not sure we can really hold that against a baking chocolate. This Callebaut chocolate is a winner.

Our rating: 4.25 of 5 bon bons

You may also run across the Canadian chocolatier Bernard C., who comes from the same family of chocolate makers. We’ve not had the opportunity to sample his wares. If you see the name Barry, it’s associated with the company we discuss here.

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