ChocCreate Chocolate Review

ChocCreate Chocolate is a web-based company that allows users to create their own custom chocolate bars.

Photo - ChocCreate Chocolate BoxYou choose a base of milk, dark, or white chocolate, then pick ingredients to add to your chocolate bar. The ingredients range from simple almonds to more unique (and bizarre) ingredients like 23 karat gold flakes, mimosa flowers, and bacon bits.

We had a hard time not going completely crazy with the choices available at ChocCreate!

When the bars arrived, we fell in love with the beautiful box–it was almost too pretty to open, but so pretty we couldn’t wait to open it.

Here are our creations:

Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon And Sour Tart Cherries

Photo - ChocCreate Chocolate BarThis bar turned out very well–maybe because it was our most conservative flavor combination. How can you go wrong with cinnamon and cherries?

The one drawback, we felt, was that the cherries were whole–this kept us from getting that yummy tart flavor in every bite.

Milk Chocolate with Apricots And Granulated Honey

Photo - ChocCreate Chocolate BarThis was our favorite of the bunch. The granulated honey has both a unique flavor and texture, both of which we thought melded nicely with the milk chocolate.

The apricots were just a bonus, and imparted a pleasantly chewy texture.

Milk Chocolate with Brown Sugar, Kiwi, and Shredded Coconut

Photo - ChocCreate Chocolate BarWe were going for a tropical island theme here, but we’re not sure we got it right.

The one drawback with kiwi is that it doesn’t really have a ton of flavor to begin with, so what we thought would be a blend of exotic tropical flavors turned out to be just a sweet and coconutty chocolate bar.

It was a tasty one, though, and the prettiest of our creations.

Dark Chocolate with Blackberries, Granola, And Whole Almonds

Photo - ChocCreate Chocolate BarThis was our hippie granola bar, and it also turned out to be a good combination. The granola was just the right crispiness, and the blackberries were just as we’d hoped.

So, how do we rate ChocCreate overall?

Well, it’s kind of hard to rate when so much of the quality is dependent on the ingredients you choose! I just can’t see how gummi bears, peppercorns, curry, and tortilla chips would make a good chocolate bar under any circumstances.

With that in mind, we will say this: both the dark and milk chocolate bases were adequately yummy. Not the very best dark or milk chocolate in the world, but definitely a good base from which to start. The quality of the added ingredients was also very good.

The real value lies in the experience of it all–this was our first time creating custom chocolate bars, but it won’t be our last. ChocCreate would make a perfect gift, and the experience was really a lot of fun. You should try it! You know you want to.

Our rating: 4.25 of 5 bon bons

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