“Your Choice” Basic Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Chocolate Fondue RecipeThis Basic Chocolate Fondue Recipe is just a starting point–you can make it any flavor your heart desires!

For the chocolate, you can use white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, flavored chocolate–whatever you like!  I’d probably pick a smooth chocolate (that is, no nuts or coconut flakes), but that’s just me.  If you think you’d like nuts in your chocolate fondue, go for it!

If you use a flavored chocolate, you probably don’t want to add any flavoring.  If you do, just make sure it complements the chocolate you choose.  Dark Chocolate Raspberry with added mint flavoring probably isn’t going to win any awards.

If you use a plain chocolate in your chocolate fondue recipe, you could add any of the following extracts, and more:



1/2 cup evaporated milk
1 cup your favorite chocolate, grated
approx. 1/2 teaspoon flavoring/extract of your choice


Warm milk over low heat, then slowly mix in chocolate until melted.

Remove from heat and add flavoring if desired.

Transfer to serving pot.

Serve with strawberries, pound cake, oranges… go crazy!

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