Hot Chocolate Recipe Tips

Hot chocolate is easy to make and fun to experiment with. Start with a basic hot chocolate recipe, and work your way up to drinking chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Recipe Tips

You can easily invent your own hot chocolate recipe! Yummy additions to basic hot chocolate include whip cream, cinnamon, vanilla, almond, orange or peppermint extracts, shaved chocolate, malted milk powder, candy canes, a peppermint tea bag, marshmallows, and ground hazelnuts. Be creative! Have fun!

You don’t need to use cane sugar. Honey and other sugar substitutes work equally well.

I usually drink soy or rice milk, but I don’t like the taste in hot chocolate. Instead, I use about 2/3 boiling water and 1/3 cold soymilk just for thickness. Sometimes I will cheat and add a bit of instant powdered milk, too.

If you are using powdered milk, make sure to use instant. Regular dry milk tends to get very lumpy. For super rich cocoa, try using part half and half!

For iced (not frozen) hot chocolate, make a large batch. Allow the mixture to cool, then put half into ice cube trays and freeze, and put the rest in the fridge. When the cubes are ready, add them to the refrigerated chocolate.

Enjoy our hot chocolate recipes, and let us know if you have hot chocolate recipe tips to share!

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