About “Drinking Chocolate”

Drinking chocolate is just a fancy pants type of hot chocolate that uses whole chocolate instead of cocoa.

Because drinking chocolate uses whole chocolate instead of cocoa, it actually tastes like you are drinking chocolate!

The difference between cocoa and chocolate is that cocoa is a powder that has no sugar and much less fat than chocolate. Chocolate has both fat and sugar, so melting chocolate and putting it in a drink produces a much richer beverage.

You can buy drinking chocolate mixes nowadays, but I suggest you save your money and just use drinking chocolate recipes to make your own from your favorite chocolate.

The basic recipe for drinking chocolate is just melted chocolate and milk. You can alter the flavor by simply buying different brands of chocolate, or you can get clever by making additions such as these:

  • substitute cream for milk
  • add vanilla, orange peel, peppermint, almond extract, etc.
  • substitute sweetened condensed milk for part of the milk
  • top with whip cream and chocolate shavings

Enjoy our drinking chocolate recipes!

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