Chocolate Toothpaste?! I kid you not.

chocolate toothpasteA friend went to Japan and came back with–yes, it’s true–chocolate toothpaste.

A company there called Margaret Josefin has a whole line of uniquely flavored toothpastes, called the “Breath Palette.”

I’m not sure what I was expecting. . .maybe something akin to chocolate frosting? It wasn’t like that at all.

Instead, it was a very light color with just a hint of brown, and had the consistency of normal toothpaste. The initial flavor was just chocolatey enough that you could tell what it was, and then the minty finish kicked in.

I can’t say it was amazingly good, but, surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad, either.

If you’ve got a chocoholic on your hands and are looking for the next unique gift, you might give this chocolate toothpaste a try.

While you’re there, maybe you can try the Monkey Banana, Lightly Salted, or Pumpkin Pudding toothpastes, too…

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