Chocolate Spa Day

Today I had my first chocolate spa day, which may become a monthly (if not weekly) ritual.

I ran across the Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque at my local Walgreen’s for $1.99, and I couldn’t help grabbing one.  How can you go wrong with a chocolate scented mud mask?  Plus, it says it deep cleans and unblocks pores.  Who doesn’t want “renewed, re-hydrated, and younger looking skin”?

I already had the Little Moon Essential’s Chocolat Cocoa Bath on hand, so I decided it was time for a chocolate spa day.

The mud masque, when opened, smells very chocolatey.  Actually, it smells exactly like a chocolate scratch and sniff sticker, or a chocolate pencil eraser–not exactly like edible chocolate, but close enough that it makes you hungry for the stuff.

The instructions say to clean your face with warm water, then apply the mask, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes.

I was glad I wasn’t wearing anything white during this process…

Chocolate Face Mask

The consistency is like a very thick chocolate frosting, which makes sense, given the three different mineral clays in the ingredients: purified water, kaolin, illite, glycerin, glyceryl stearate SE, bentonite, cocoa seed butter, ceteareth-20, shea butter, cocoa shell powder, sea salt, aroma, glucose, lactoperoxidase, citric acid, glucose oxidase, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77449 (iron oxides).

It’s also cruelty-free and vegetarian, so thumbs up for that.

The mask spread on easily, just like any clay mask.  While the package is intended for use as a single application, there is plenty of mask for two applications to face and neck, so I’m saving some for next week.

Once I had the mask on, I turned my attentions to part II of my chocolate spa: the bath water.  The Chocolate Cocoa Bath instructions say to add a handful after you enter the tub.  The cocoa bath is essentially cocoa powder with soymilk powder and vanilla powder.  It’s scented with nutmeg and cinnamon oils and has little cocoa butter “marshmallows”.

In the tub, it looks about like you’d expect the water to look after dumping in cocoa powder–kind of dirty, really, but, oh the smell!  The smell is terrific, and the stuff is so natural that you can actually add sweetener to it and drink it if you want to.

Little Moon Essentials Chocolat Cocoa Bath

I soaked for about 15 minutes and then washed off the mask (turning my bath water an even more unappetizing brown).  My face was very soft afterward, and I noticed later that some of my clogged pores were coming unblocked.  Yay.

After soaking a bit longer, I finished up with coconut shampoo (I didn’t have any chocolate shampoo, and hey, chocolate and coconut go great together!).  The cocoa bath left my skin feeling very smooth and silky.

After stepping out of the tub, I had to go nibble on some dark chocolate, of course…

It’s now a couple of hours later, and I smell just the slightest bit chocolatey.  Mmmm.

Chocolate spa day win!

The only downside to the chocolate spa day is that chocolate baths tend to leave chocolatey residue in the tub.  You’ll need to clean that out right away if you have pets.  Also, don’t leave either the mask or the cocoa anywhere that a pet can get his/her mouth on it… chocolate is toxic to household pets; you can read more in our article about chocolate and dogs.

Chocolate spa day is for hoomins only.

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