Finally, another good chocolate movie!

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Support Independent Film!

I love a good chocolate movie, but they are so few and far between. That’s why I’m pleased to share this little bon bon with you.

Independent filmmaker Sarah Feinbloom takes a tongue-in-cheek look at her chocolate roots in this yummy production.

The DVD cover says, “Extra Fine and Creamy and May Contain Nuts,” the nuts being the chocoholics she interviews, all of whom converge upon Chocolate Covered, a chocoholic’s paradise in the heart of Noe Valley in San Francisco.

If I hadn’t had some chocolate nearby, I would seriously have been trying to lick the screen. I may have to take a vacation to San Fran JUST to visit Chocolate Covered. Mmm.

If you need a good chocolate movie pick me up, a gift for your favorite chocoholic, or some Chocoholics Anonymous style support, pick up a copy ASAP at

Check out the trailer:

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    • Hello Marcus,

      There are no new chocolate movies that we know of, but please let us know if you’ve heard otherwise!


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