Scharffen Berger Chocolate Reviews

Scharffen Berger ChocolateAt first, we didn’t have a ton of success finding Scharffen Berger Chocolate locally. Our first experience with it was a giant lunk designed for baking. We take what we can get! Now, it is more widely available, and easily found at places like Whole Foods. Do you agree with our Scharffen Berger Chocolate Reviews?

Pure Dark Chocolate (62%)


It’s quite yummy, but there is a tart or acidic aftertaste (not sure how to describe) that makes it less than perfectly smooth. Their own description is quite apt: “We produce chocolate with a dense, complex fruitiness and a long, softly acidic finish.”

Our rating: 3.5 of 5 bon bons

Pure Dark Chocolate (62%)


Addendum: the bar form of this is far better – not sure if there is any real difference in the ingredients but it definitely sat better on the palate. Didn’t like the pretentious, hard to break crisscross pattern though!

Our rating: 4 of 5 bon bons

One of these days we’ll review more of these for you. I think¬†Scharffen Berger chocolate has a style that you either really love or think is just okay. We’re of the latter group, but have met plenty of people who think it is the be all and end all of chocolate. Worth trying to see for yourself!

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