Rapunzel Chocolate Reviews

Rapunzel ChocolateI don’t know how it is that I’ve tried so little Rapunzel Chocolate, seeing as how their products are widely available, and they are committed to organic and Fair Trade. I’m going to have to remedy this in the future!

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Semisweet Chocolate with Hazelnuts


A jackpot for the hazelnut lover, as there is no shortage in this Rapunzel chocolate bar. And the chocolate ain’t bad either!

Our rating: 4 of 5 bon bons

Milk Chocolate (36%)


This creamy bar has a nice texture and a pleasantly sweet taste, but it isn’t bursting with chocolate flavor. It is certainly less chocolatey than other milks we’ve tried, such as Green & Black’s Milk. The rating reflects the organic and Fair Trade ingredients.

Our rating: 3.5 of 5 bon bons

Visit Rapunzel Chocolate online at: http://www.rapunzel.de/.

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